Omelette is an ensemble of longtime collaborators making a deeply personal and eclectic type of music.

The music of Omelette pivots between written and improvised music-making. The written serves to suggest a direction, feeling or colour, the improvised to see this idea and sound to the next one and so on. There is no expectation but to listen and trust. We like the music to dance and sing. We hear it as our folk music, made in the moment. Although influenced by all the music we listen to there is a nod to the folk music traditions of East and West Africa, Persia and Cuba, Miles Davis, Tony Allen, Ornette Coleman, Morton Feldman, Jimi Hendrix, Fela Kuti, Little Richard, Aretha Franklin, .................. you get the picture.

Jordan Murray (trombone), Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Mark Shepherd (bass), Ronny Ferella (drums)

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