PALAVER - (to talk profusely and idly)

Miroslav Bukovsky - trumpet/percussion
Geoff Hughes - guitar
Ronny Ferella - drums

As in all forms of discussion, meaning is left up to the listener. Palaver aim to discuss cajole persuade confuse. It's all ok, you can make sense of it. A group of players with a big bag of music to draw from. Palaver improvise a totally in the moment music, with fearless intent.

Even though each member of Palaver is a bandleader, composer and seasoned performer in their own right, no-one leads this ensemble, as no idea or philosophy is behind the music other than to listen and play. All connected by the world of jazz, but each with a unique take on that music, the musical and artistic influences of this collective reaches far and wide. Over the last fifteen years, the members of Palaver have been performing alongside each other in a multitude of different ensembles and musical environments. A palaver performance filters all those experiences into one music.