Wayfinders is the latest project of Melbourne drummer/composer Ronny Ferella. Known for a wide and varied output, Ronny has led many Melbourne outfits, working with some of the top flight jazz, roots and improvising musicians in the country. His much acclaimed ensemble IshIsh has received international attention and toured throughout Europe and Australia.

Wayfinders is an all acoustic, improvising ensemble which aims to explore the nexus between improvised music and folk traditions; both sacred and secular. In Ronny's words "if I ran a church, this is the music that would be playing". The players of the trio share many years playing music together, Ronny and bassist Mark Shepherd have been playing together since 1999 in the early IshIsh days and are both members of Omelette, The Reuben Lewis Quintet, and The Inflorescence Ensemble. Jon Hunt, a virtuosic clarinettist with a strong background in New Orleans music and jazz standards is an in demand Melbourne musician. His remarkable musicianship and openness to the new make him the perfect third side of the trio.

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